Suburb Profile: Spearwood Real Estate

By Andrew Johns

(pictured: ‘Welcome Wall’ along Spearwood Ave, in honour of sister city Yueyang, China)

Median House Price: $545,000
Median Unit Price: $335,000
Annual Growth: 6.4%
Population: 9,096

Spearwood is a large self-sufficient suburb within the City of Cockburn that registered 9096 people living within its boundaries at the time of the 2011 Census.

It was named by colonial settlers who noticed the native tea trees, scientific name Melaleuca lancialata chipolata, being used for spears by the Yugul Aboriginal people.

The southern suburb is situated 19 kilometres from Perth and is bound by Phoenix Road to the north, Stock Road to the east, Rockingham Road to the south and Cockburn Road to the west.


Its property landscape is dominated by 76.7 per cent houses, while there are 14.6 per cent townhouses, duplexes and villas and 8.6 per cent flats, apartments and units.

Of these properties, 41.5 per cent are fully owned, while 29 per cent are being purchased and 29 per cent are rented.

Spearwood features a major shopping centre, a thriving commercial sector, three primary schools and numerous recreational facilities.

Beale Park is home to Cockburn City Soccer Club which plays in the Premier league of the State’s Football (Soccer) Association and also the Cockburn City Teeball and Baseball Club.

Also in the area is Manning Park and Lake, which offers locals a picturesque slice of nature to soak up with walking trails to explore and enjoy.

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Suburb Profile: Spearwood Real Estate