Selling Your Own Home? Think Again.

By Andrew Johns

Enjoyed success selling your car or furniture on eBay and thinking of taking on a bigger challenge – selling your own home? After all, you might think, all the agent does is open the door and take offers. Wrong!


Selling your home as a vendor-seller is fraught with risk, isolated from the real estate marketing systems and networks of ready buyers that professional estate agents offer. By using an agent, you access their databases of finance-approved buyers who’ve been shopping the market, ready to make an offer today.

By trying to sell your own home, you risk pricing your asset incorrectly and ‘missing the market’, or losing real buyers who might offend you during their attempts to negotiate. Moreover, buyers who know you’re an owner-seller can perceive you as either a ‘soft touch’ or conversely ‘not a real seller’.

Agents are skilled third-party negotiators who bring qualified buyers and motivated vendors together, achieving great results by harnessing their hard-won property market and buyer knowledge in your favour.

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Selling Your Own Home? Think Again.