Poorly Pricing Your Property - A Mistake To Avoid

(image source: REIWA.com.au – click to enlarge)

Every seller deserves the best price for their property. And naturally, when selling your home you want an advertised price to appear that matches (or exceeds) your expectations. But what happens when your hopes for a particular price goes on to destroy your chances of achieving a great sales result?

When selling your property, pricing it correctly is critical to creating a premium outcome. It is only when a vendor and an agent have a collaborative relationship that wonderful sales results ensue.

Sometimes agents will attempt to ‘win’ your business by quoting an inflated sales price for your home. This approach is indicative of an unskilled agent – if they were talented, they’d win your business with a logical approach to pricing.

Overpricing a property (quoting it above what a healthy market would pay) is risky business – resulting in educated buyers putting your home in the ‘too expensive, not a real seller’ zone and electing not to visit your open for inspections. Your home will then languish on the market for months instead of attracting buyers who are ready to sign contracts – resulting in an inevitably below-market sales result.

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Poorly Pricing Your Property - A Mistake To Avoid